What we do:

  • Provide personal feminine care to women in transition
  • Facilitate our commitment in restoring a sense of confidence and dignity by offering hygienic provisions and other feminine care services to empower our clients
  • Connect clients to enrichment resources and programs outside of our mission scope for the improvement of life

Who we serve:

  • Low Income
  • Veterans
  • Homeless
  • Seniors
  • Mentally Disabled
  • Single Mothers
  • Transitional

Our Values

The Femi Care Project (FCP) believes that by providing hygienic resources to women who are living in distressing situations is the beginning of self-empowerment.  We understand that there is power in the ability of social engagement for the impetus of being a viable contributor and the ability to care for themselves. FCP is working hard to initiate social awareness regarding the need for this type of personal feminine care.  It is our responsibility as a community to bridge gaps that would otherwise force these females to remain in their own personal exile.

A Brief History Of Creation

The Femi Care Project was initially created in 2013, as part of a senior project at Regis University.  To be exact, it was while volunteering at a women’s shelter that the inspiration to be an advocate and to provide personal feminine care was born. There are a plethora of reasons why the homeless population amongst women have increased dramatically over the last decade: The loss of jobs, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness can be detrimental to most individual living situations. 

Their value is diminished on a daily bases when they are shunned due to their appearance or living conditions.  “I am my sister’s keeper” is more than a clich’e.  FCP’s will strive for success by inspiring every client who desires change.

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