Tis the Season

Tis the Season


Yes, the season is upon us to aid those who are less fortunate. When I think of the holiday season, I am compelled with a reason to give.  The Femi Care Project is a worthy cause because it aids women in distress from all walks of life.  We live in a society where the human climate for aid and relief is dying; too often, promises of a political agendas or some kind of governmental program are dismantled due to the lack of funding.  Thanks to the concept for the service in giving.  Many people who suffer from lack will have to depend on communities that will give.  Women who have fallen into destitution fit snuggly into the disenfranchised category and are dismissed as worthless.

It truly is better to give than to receive because it helps those who are less fortunate.  Giving makes us feel good about ourselves, it’s also humbling and acknowledges how blessed we are as individuals to live life abundantly.  

I don’ t believe anyone wants to live or sleep on the streets on purpose. I am convinced that no woman would forgo personal hygiene and grooming unless there were some insinuating circumstances that would prevent her from keeping up with personal clean habits.  

I was once asked a question that has helped me to define the Femi Care Project and the women we serve; “how do these women become destitute and homeless?” At first I was annoyed, then sadden that someone could be so out of touch.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see a woman on the streets making her silent but in your face petition for help.  Did she fall from grace because of an addiction or some shameful choices?  Yes, in many cases we are at fault for our out of control lives and situations but, that does not give anyone the right to stand in judgement of someone else’s circumstance.  We must always remember that the shoes we wear today can get holes in them tomorrow.  

I am my sister's keeper



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