Okay, so I promised myself that I would TRY not to rant about what I call Dirty Pajamas.  So, what are dirty pajamas? They are the sacred bedclothes that have been transformed into overly worn, faded out fabric whose pants hem are ragged and filthy from dragging the ground outside in the street. And to add insult to injury they are often sported with filthy pink shaggy slippers! These are the bedclothes that have been exposed to grimy radicals of impending sludge due to external street wear. 


Now that the Dirty Pajamas have been clearly defined, why do you suppose more and more women are wearing them out in public?   Why has our society become so trifling in their countenance? I am happy to proclaim that the Millennia’s are not the only ones to blame for this fashion abuse. I have witnessed Gen X and Baby Boomers rocking the same nasty looking dirty pajamas in grocery stores, walking the dog and most recently scouring the concourse at the airport!


 Many people think these women are simply lazy and unkempt. Many women who wear Dirty Pajamas would argue that they are clean.  But from the looks of things it appears they haven’t used soap and water for ions! I agree that there is some truth to this perception of looking unclean but I would also add that there is a lack of self-respect and a deranged idea that this is acceptable attire.  I liken this trend to men who like to wear their pants sagging.  No matter how much you scream DESPECIBLE, the lower the pants will sag as grown boys struggle to walk down the street with their underwear exposed or worse with their butt cracks out for all to see but that’s another blog.

 Ladies let me be clear, it is not a good look to wear bedclothes as street apparel. It sends a message of a careless existence and to not be taken seriously for any type of engagement.  If you want respect it has to start with your own self-worth. We live in a society where perception and first impression are lasting ones. Now, if you don’t care about being invisible or valued by all means keep on wearing those Dirty Pajamas and all your wishes will come true.




Tis the Season


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