What these women really need is to get jobs and stand on their own two feet and stop expecting hand-outs”. This statement is something I hear quite often when I see a woman standing behind her cardboard sign. I can appreciate the expectations of self-independence but, what would be the personal care expectations of a hiring manager or a school administrator for a potential candidate?  There is a blaring personal care progression that needs to occur before a woman can present herself and be taken seriously for any type of business.  Personal hygiene and grooming is needed before any type of presentation.  In most cases it is the thing we all take for granted and put into practice everyday. 


We live in a society where first impressions are important and lasting.  I don’t know of anyone who can go into a job interview without being clean and groomed.  I fail to understand why it would be strongly expected from a woman who is standing on a street corner holding a sign asking for assistance.  Many of us have sat in our cars and rolled up our windows as we approach the so-called beggar woman at the traffic light.  We preoccupy ourselves with our phones or radio knobs as we sit in our metal protective box, pretend she is not there and beckon the light to hurry and change to green making her invisible to our psyche.

What these women really need are personal care tools to clean and groom themselves so that she can engage in any endeavor chosen to care and support herself” We need to stop judging others whenwe don’t know the challenging journey's these women behind the cardboard have endured.  The service in giving is the ability to empathize without shaming. Just imagine if it were you, how would you like the world to receive you while exposed to unfathomable hardships?


"No one has ever become poor by giving"  Anne Frank


I Tried To Save A Homeless Woman From Freezing & T...


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