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  1. Help recapture self-esteem lost to females who have fallen upon challenging times
  2. Partner with organizations to support the integration between the females in transition and the communities in which they live
  3. Serve our clients with respect and a sense of pride
  1. Low Income
  2. Veterans
  3. Homeless
  4. Seniors
  5. Mentally Disabled
  6. Single Mothers
  7. Transitional
  8. Victims of domestic abuse

Providing Hygienic Resources

To initiate social awareness regarding the need for personal feminine care to women in transition.
“I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER” is our responsibility as a community to bridge gaps that would otherwise force these women to remain in their own personal exile.

We VALUE the opportunity to empower women faced with unfathomable hardships. We know that the use of our services will not only contribute to providing our clients the impetus to guard and care for themselves externally but will also provide an incentive for them to be consciously aware and care for themselves internally.


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Tanya Beryl Diabagate

Tanya Diabagate is the Founder and Managing Director of the Femi Care Project (FCP). FCP provides holistic personal care to women in transition. FCP was established in April, of 2013 while Tanya was completing her senior capstone project at Regis University. It was through this project’s endeavor that Tanya discovered the foundation in the service in giving. Tanya has partnered with the Capitol Hill United Ministries (CHUM) where community and congregation rotate seven temporary shelters for up to 20 women each night. Tanya has volunteered with the Women’s Homeless Initiative (WHI) and coordinated Femi Care Project’s first fundraising event. FCP has also partnered with the University of Denver Center for Multicultural Excellence, Veterans Administration and Jazz @ Jack’s to name a few. Tanya has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Regis University. She has also completed various trainings and coursework specializing in communication techniques allowing her the ability to connect with people from different ethic, social and economic backgrounds. Currently Tanya is hard at work building the Femi Care Project brand. Outreach and creating partnership with agencies whose focus is to provide assistance/ resources to the disenfranchise female is key in building an incorruptible brand. The discovery of one’s personal ministry is often the void many will experience when life’s purpose has not been defined or fulfilled. The Femi Care Project was given birth through Tanya’s own personal experience in being a disenfranchised female in transition. Tanya believes that destiny does not simply fall in your lap but, you have to run behind the idea and make it a reality.

Our History

The Femi Care Project was initially created in 2013, as part of a senior project at Regis University. To be exact, it was while volunteering at a women’s shelter that the inspiration to be an advocate and to provide personal feminine care was born. There are a plethora of reasons why the homeless population amongst women have increased dramatically over the last decade: The loss of jobs, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness can be detrimental to most individual living situations. Their value is diminished on a daily bases when they are shunned due to their appearance or living conditions. “I am my sister’s keeper” is more than a cliché. FCP’s will strive for success by inspiring every client who desires change.

What We Do

The Femi Care Project (FCP) was established on the premise that every woman who desire holistic, feminine and personal care should have it. FCP provides toiletries specific to our client’s needs. We understand that the personal care journey will differ depending on that female’s circumstance. We are committed to restoring a sense of confidence and dignity by offering hygienic provisions in order for our client’s to feel confident in whatever endeavor chosen. Our toiletry packages contain basic items for dental and feminine care. In addition to providing those basics items, our packages will also have distinct items for other special feminine care (i.e. incontinence, menstruation, etc.) Our purpose is to aide, restore and empower the disenfranchised female by providing resources for her personal care. FCP takes great care in maintaining the integrity of every female we engage. We understand the various plights these women encounter and will treat here with the utmost respect.


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